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FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor

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FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor

FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor
FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor

Large Image :  FTACE251N156JEAES0 Thin Film Capacitor

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Chemi-Con
Certification: CE RoHS
Model Number: Film Capacitor

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Packaging Details: Original packaging
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Model: Chemi-Con Film Capacitor Brand: Nippon Chemi-Con
Packaging: Original Package MOQ: 1 Reel
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Chemi-Con Film Capacitor

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation is a Japanese corporation that produces capacitors and other discrete electronic components. Nippon Chemi-Con was founded in 1931 by Toshio Satoh as the first electrolytic capacitors production in Japan.


Nippon Chemi-Con is the worlds largest manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We also offer various types of electronic components such as multilayer ceramic capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, film capacitors, choke coils, varistors, camera modules and silicon wafers.

We ETSE offer all kinds of Chemi-Con Capacitor, such as Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC and so on.

Chemi-Con Capacitors

Model No. Description Model No. Description
FTACE251N156JEAES0 Film Capacitors 15uF 250V 5% Film Capacitor FTACE251N186JEAES0 Film Capacitors 18uF 250V 5% Film Capacitor
FDADC251V103JGLBM0 Film capacitors 0.01uF 250v 5% film capacitor FTACE251N226JFAFS0 Film Capacitors 22uF 250V 5% Film Capacitor
FTACE401N685JEAES0 Film Capacitors 6.8uF 400V 5% Film capacitor FTACE401N825JEAES0 Film Capacitors 8.2uF 400V 5% Film capacitor
FTACE401N106JFAFS0 Film Capacitors 10uF 400V 5% Film capacitor FTACE401N126JFAFS0 Film Capacitors 12uF 400V 5% Film capacitor
FTACE631N474JDADS0 Film capacitors 0.47uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACE631N684JDADS0 Film capacitors 0.68uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACE631N105JDADS0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACE631N155JHAHS0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACE631N226JEAES0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACE631N335JEAES0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACE631N475JFAFS0 Film capacitors 4.7uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACE102N474JHAHS0 film capacitors 0.47uF 1000v 5% film capacitor
FTACE102N155JFAFS0 film capacitors 0.68uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACE102N684JHAHS0 film capacitors 1.0uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACE102N105JEAES0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 1000V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V824JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V105JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V125JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V155JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V185JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 1.8uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V225JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V275JELHZ0 Film capacitors 2.7uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V335JELHZ0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V395JELHZ0 Film capacitors 3.9uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V475JELHZ0 Film capacitors 4.7uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V565JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 5.6uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V685JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 6.8uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V825JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 8.2uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V106JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 10uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD251V126JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 12uF 250V 5% film capacitor
FTACD251V156JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 15uF 250V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V334JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.33uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V394JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.39uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V474JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.47uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V564JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.56uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V684JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.68uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V824JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V105JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V125JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V155JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V185JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 1.8uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V225JELHZ0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V275JELHZ0 Film capacitors 2.7uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V335JELHZ0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V395JELHZ0 Film capacitors 3.9uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V475JELHZ0 Film capacitors 4.7uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V565JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 5.6uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V685JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 6.8uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V825JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 8.2uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V106JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 10uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V126JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 12uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V156JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 15uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD3B1V186JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 18uF 315V 5% film capacitor FTACD3B1V226JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 22uF 315V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V224JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.22uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V274JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.27uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V334JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.33uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V394JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.39uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V474JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.47uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V564JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.56uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V684JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.68uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V824JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V105JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V125JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V155JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V185JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.8uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V225JELHZ0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V275JELHZ0 Film capacitors 2.7uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V335JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V395JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 3.9uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V475JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 4.7uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V565JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 5.6uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD401V685JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 6.8uF 400V 5% film capacitor FTACD401V825JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 8.2uF 400V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V224JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.22uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V274JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.27uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V334JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.33uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V394JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.39uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V474JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.47uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V564JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.56uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V684JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.68uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V824JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V105JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V125JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V155JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V185JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.8uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V225JELHZ0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V275JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 2.7uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V335JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD501V395JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 3.9uF 500V 5% film capacitor
FTACD501V475JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 4.7uF 500V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V104JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.1uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V124JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.12uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V154JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.15uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V184JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.18uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V224JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.22uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V274JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.27uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V334JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.33uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V394JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.39uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V474JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.47uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V564JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.56uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V684JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.68uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V824JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V105JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V125JELHZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V155JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V185JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.8uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V225JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V275JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 2.7uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V335JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V395JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 3.9uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD631V475JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 4.7uF 630V 5% film capacitor
FTACD631V565JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 5.6uF 630V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V563JDLCZ0 film capacitors 0.056uF 800v 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V683JDLCZ0 film capacitors 0.068uF 800v 5% film capacitor FTACD801V823JDLCZ0 film capacitors 0.082uF 800v 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V104JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.1uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V124JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.12uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V154JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.15uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V184JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.18uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V224JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.22uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V274JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.27uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V334JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.33uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V394JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.39uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V474JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.47uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V564JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.56uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V684JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.68uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V824JELHZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V105JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V125JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V155JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.5uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V185JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.8uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V225JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 2.2uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V275JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 2.7uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD801V335JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 3.3uF 800V 5% film capacitor FTACD801V395JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 3.9uF 800V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V333JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.033uF 1000V 5% Film Capacitor FTACD102V393JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.039uF 1000V 5% Film Capacitor
FTACD102V473JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.047uF 1000V 5% Film Capacitor FTACD102V563JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.056uF 1000V 5% Film Capacitor
FTACD102V683JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.068uF 1000V 5% Film Capacitor FTACD102V823JDLCZ0 Film capacitors 0.082uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V104JHLGZ0 Film capacitors 0.1uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACD102V124JHLGZ0 film capacitors 0.12uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V154JHLGZ0 film capacitors 0.15uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACD102V184JELHZ0 film capacitors 0.18uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V224JELHZ0 film capacitors 0.22uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACD102V274JELHZ0 film capacitors 0.27uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V334JELHZ0 film capacitors 0.33uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACD102V394JELHZ0 film capacitors 0.39uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V474JELHZ0 film capacitors 0.47uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACD102V564JFLEZ0 film capacitors 0.56uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V684JFLEZ0 film capacitors 0.68uF 1000v 5% film capacitor FTACD102V824JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 0.82uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACD102V105JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.0uF 1000V 5% film capacitor FTACD102V125JFLEZ0 Film capacitors 1.2uF 1000V 5% film capacitor
FTACB251V334JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V394JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V474JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V564JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.56uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V684JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V824JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.82uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V105JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V125JHLGZ0 Film Capacitors 1.2uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V155JHLGZ0 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V185JHLGZ0 Film Capacitors 1.8uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V225JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 2.2uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V275JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 2.7uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V335JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 3.3uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V395JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 3.9uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V475JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 4.7uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V565JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 5.6uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V685JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 6.8uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V825JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 8.2uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V106JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 10uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V126JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 12uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V156JTLJZ0 Film Capacitors 15uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB251V186JTLJZ0 Film Capacitors 18uF 250V Film Capacitor
FTACB251V226JTLJZ0 Film Capacitors 22uF 250V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V224JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V274JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.27uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V334JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V394JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V474JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V564JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.56uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V684JDLCZ0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V824JHLGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.82uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V105JHLGZ0

Film Capacitors 1.0uF 315V Film Capacitor

FTACB3B1V125JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 1.2uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V155JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V185JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 1.8uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V225JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 2.2uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V275JELHZ0 Film Capacitors 2.7uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V335JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 3.3uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V395JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 3.9uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V475JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 4.7uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V565JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 5.6uF 315V Film Capacitor FTACB3B1V685JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 6.8uF 315V Film Capacitor
FTACB3B1V825JFLEZ0 Film Capacitors 8.2uF 315V Film Capacitor FHACE631N474J0A0S0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACE631N684J1A1S0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACE631N105J1A1S0 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACE631N155J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACE1C2N474J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACE1C2N684J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACE1C2N105J4A4S0 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACE1C2N155J5A5S0 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACE162N274J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 0.27uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACE162N334J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 1600V Film Capacitor FHACE202N184J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 0.18uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACE202N224J2A2S0 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 2000V Film Capacitor FHACD631V473J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.047uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V563J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.056uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V683J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.068uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V823J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.082uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V104J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V124J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.12uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V154J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.15uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V184J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.18uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V224J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V274J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.27uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V334J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V394J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V474J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V564J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.56uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V684J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V824J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.82uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V105J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD631V125J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 1.2uF 630V Film Capacitor FHACD631V155J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors1.5uF 630V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V333J0LGZ0 Film capacitors 0.033uF 1000V film capacitor FHACD102V393J0LGZ0 Film capacitors 0.039uF 1000V film capacitor
FHACD102V473J0LGZ0 Film capacitors 0.047uF 1000V film capacitor FHACD102V563J0LGZ0 Film capacitors 0.056uF 1000V film capacitor
FHACD102V683J0LGZ0 Film capacitors 0.068uF 1000V film capacitor FHACD102V823J0LGZ0 Film capacitors 0.082uF 1000V film capacitor
FHACD102V104J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V124J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.12uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V154J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.15uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V184J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.18uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V224J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V274J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.27uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V334J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V394J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V474J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V564J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.56uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V684J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V824J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.82uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD102V105J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 1000V Film Capacitor FHACD102V125J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 1.2uF 1000V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V183J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.018uF 1250V film capacitor FHACD1C2V223J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.022uF 1250V film capacitor
FHACD1C2V273J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.027uF 1250V film capacitor FHACD1C2V333J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.033uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V393J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.039uF 1250V film capacitor FHACD1C2V473J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.047uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V563J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.056uF 1250V film capacitor FHACD1C2V683J0LGZ0 Film Capacitors 0.068uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V823J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.082uF 1250V film capacitor FHACD1C2V104J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V124J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.12uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD1C2V154J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.15uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V184J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.18uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD1C2V224J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V274J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.27uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD1C2V334J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V394J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD1C2V474J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V564J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.56uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD1C2V684J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.68uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V824JTLJZ0 Film Capacitors 0.82uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD1C2V105JTLJZ0 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 1250V Film Capacitor
FHACD1C2V125JTLJZ0 Film Capacitors 1.2uF 1250V Film Capacitor FHACD162V682JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.0068uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V822JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0082uF 1600v film capacitor FHACD162V103JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.01uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V123JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.012uF 1600v film capacitor FHACD162V153JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.015uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V183JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.018uF 1600v film capacitor FHACD162V223JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.022uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V273JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.027uF 1600V film capacitor FHACD162V333JKLDZ0 Film Capacitors 0.033uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V393J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.039uF 1600V film capacitor FHACD162V473J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.047uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V563J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.056uF 1600V film capacitor FHACD162V683J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.068uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V823J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.082uF 1600V film capacitor FHACD162V104J1LHZ0 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V124J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.12uF 1600V Film Capacitor FHACD162V154J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.15uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V184J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.18uF 1600V Film Capacitor FHACD162V224J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD162V274J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.27uF 1600V Film Capacitor FHACD162V334J2LEZ0 Film Capacitors 0.33uF 1600V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V332JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0033uF 2000v film capacitor FHACD202V392JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0039uF 2000v film capacitor
FHACD202V472JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0047uF 2000v film capacitor FHACD202V562JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0056uF 2000v film capacitor
FHACD202V682JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0068uF 2000v film capacitor FHACD202V822JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.0082uF 2000v film capacitor
FHACD202V103JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.01uF 2000v Film Capacitor FHACD202V123JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.012uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V153JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.015uF 2000v Film Capacitor FHACD202V183JKLDZ0 Film capacitors 0.018uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V223J1LHZ0 Film capacitors 0.022uF 2000v Film Capacitor FHACD202V273J1LHZ0 Film capacitors 0.027uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V333J1LHZ0 Film capacitors 0.033uF 2000v Film Capacitor FHACD202V393J1LHZ0 Film capacitors 0.039uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V473J1LHZ0 Film capacitors 0.047uF 2000v Film Capacitor FHACD202V563J1LHZ0 Film capacitors 0.056uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V683J2LEZ0 Film capacitors 0.068uF 2000v Film Capacitor FHACD202V823J2LEZ0 Film capacitors 0.082uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V104J2LEZ0 Film capacitors 0.1uF 2000V Film Capacitor FHACD202V124J2LEZ0 Film capacitors 0.12uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V154J2LEZ0 Film capacitors 0.15uF 2000V Film Capacitor FHACD202V184J2LEZ0 Film capacitors 0.18uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V224JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 0.22uF 2000V Film Capacitor FHACD202V274JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 0.27uF 2000V Film Capacitor
FHACD202V334JTLJZ0 Film capacitors 0.33uF 2000V Film Capacitor FHACD252V153JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.015uF 2500V Film Capacitor
FHACD252V183JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.018uF 2500V film capacitor FHACD252V223JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.022uF 2500V Film Capacitor
FHACD252V273JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.027uF 2500V film capacitor FHACD252V333JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.033uF 2500V Film Capacitor
FHACD252V393JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.039uF 2500V film capacitor FHACD252V473JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.047uF 2500V Film Capacitor
FHACD252V563JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.056uF 2500V film capacitor FHACD252V683JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.068uF 2500V Film Capacitor
FHACD252V823JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.082uF 2500V film capacitor FHACD252V104JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.1uF 2500V Film Capacitor
FHACD3B2V682JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0068uF 3150v film capacitor FHACD3B2V822JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0082uF 3150V Film Capacitor
FHACD3B2V103JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.01uF 3150V Film Capacitor FHACD3B2V123JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.012uF 3150V Film Capacitor
FHACD3B2V153JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.015uF 3150V film capacitor FHACD3B2V183JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.018uF 3150V Film Capacitor
FHACD3B2V223JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.022uF 3150V film capacitor FHACD3B2V273JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.027uF 3150V Film Capacitor
FHACD3B2V333JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.033uF 3150V film capacitor FHACD3B2V393JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.039uF 3150V Film Capacitor
FHACD3B2V473JRLQZ0 Film Capacitors 0.047uF 3150V film capacitor FHACD402V392JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0039uF 4000v film capacitor
FHACD402V472JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0047uF 4000v film capacitor FHACD402V562JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0056uF 4000v film capacitor
FHACD402V682JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0068uF 4000v film capacitor FHACD402V822JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.0082uF 4000v film capacitor
FHACD402V103JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.01uF 4000V Film Capacitor FHACD402V123JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.012uF 4000V Film Capacitor
FHACD402V153JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.015uF 4000V film capacitor FHACD402V183JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.018uF 4000V Film Capacitor
FHACD402V223JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.022uF 4000V film capacitor FHACD402V273JRLQZ0 Film capacitors 0.027uF 4000V Film Capacitor

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