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MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor

MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor

    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
    • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor
  • MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: United States
    Brand Name: Vishay
    Certification: CE RoHS
    Model Number: Film Capacitor

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
    Packaging Details: Original packaging
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Vishay Film Capacitor Brand Vishay: Vishay
    Packaging: Original Package MOQ: 1 Reel
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    Vishay film Capacitor Electronics Components Stock Capacitance with Original Package

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. is an American manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components founded by Polish-born businessman Felix Zandman. Vishay has manufacturing plants in Israel, Asia, Europe. Vishay’s product portfolio is an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors and passive components (resistors, inductors and capacitors). These components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment in the industrial, computing, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, etc.


    We ETSE offer all kinds of Vishay Capacitors, such as Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT, Film Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD, Tantalum Capacitors - Solid Leaded, Safety Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Axial Leaded, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors - Wet, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Screw Terminal, Tantalum Capacitors - Polymer SMD, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Snap In, Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors, Feed Through Capacitors and so on.


    Vishay Capacitors

    Model No. Description Model No. Description
    MKP385E61540JPM2T0 Film capacitors 15uF 5% 400V SL AEC-Q200 MKP385E35640JFI2B0 Film Capacitors 0.056uF 5% 400V LL AEC-Q200
    MKP385E51010JPM2T0 Film Capacitors 1uF 5% 1KV SL AEC-Q200 MKP385E51585JPM2T0 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 5% 850V SL AEC-Q200
    MKP385E4392AJPM2T0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 5% 2000V SL AEC-Q200 MKP385E5101AJPM2T0 Film Capacitors 1uF 5% 1600V SL AEC-Q200
    MKP385E58263JPM2T0 Film Capacitors 8.2uF 5% 630V SL AEC-Q200 MKP385E52712JPM2T0 Film Capacitors 2.7uF 5% 1250volts SL AEC-Q200
    MKP385E4392BJPM2T0 Film Capacitors 0.39uF 5% 2500volts SL AEC-Q200 MKP1840347632M Film Capacitors .047uF 630volt 2%
    MKP1847H61035JP5 Film Capacitors 10uF 350V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H55031JP2 Film Capacitors 5uF 310volts 5% High Humidity
    MKP1847H61025JP4 Film Capacitors 10uF 250V 5% High Humidity MKP1848714914Y5 Film Capacitors 140uF 1100V 5% 12pin 20.3mm
    MKP1847H51025JK2 Film Capacitors 1uF 250V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H55035JP4 Film Capacitors 5uF 350V 5% High Humidity
    MKP1847H61031JP2 Film Capacitors 10uF 310V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H51035JK2 Film Capacitors 1uF 350V 5% High Humidity
    MKP1847H55025JK2 Film Capacitors 5uF 250V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H53035JK2 Film Capacitors 3uF 350V 5% High Humidity
    MKP1847H52048JP4 Film Capacitors 2uF 480V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H62025JP5 Film Capacitors 20uF 250V 5% High Humidity
    MKP1847H63025JY5 Film Capacitors 30uF 250V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H55048JY5 Film Capacitors 5uF 480V 5% High Humidity
    MKP1847H57048JY5 Film Capacitors 7uF 480V 5% High Humidity MKP1847H62035JY5 Film Capacitors 20uF 350V 5% High Humidity
    MKT1822410015 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 100V 10% MKT1818410254 Film Capacitors .10UF 250V 5%
    BFC247076104 Film Capacitors .1uF 5% 63volts BFC241941002 Film Capacitors .001uF 2% 400volts
    KP1830222011 Film Capacitors 2200pF 100volts 1% BFC237012105 Film Capacitors 1uF 5% 63volts
    MKT1817510064 Film Capacitors 1.0UF 63V 5% BFC247076224 Film Capacitors .22uF 5% 63volts
    BFC237021474 Film Capacitors .47uF 10% 100volts BFC247036103 Film Capacitors .01uF 5% 250volts
    MKP1839410164 Film Capacitors .1uF 160volts 5% BFC247066472 Film Capacitors .0047uF 5% 400volts
    BFC241841503 Film Capacitors .015uF 2% 250volts BFC241943302 Film Capacitors .0033uF 2% 400volts
    BFC237012684 Film Capacitors .68uF 5% 63volts BFC236825474 Film Capacitors .47uF 10% 100volts
    MKP1848520914K2 Film Capacitors 2uF 1100volt 5% 2pin 27.5mm LS KP1830110631 Film Capacitors 100pF 630volts 1%
    BFC241933002 Film Capacitors .003uF 5% 400volts BFC242032002 Film Capacitors 2 nF 5% 630volts
    BFC238062202 Film Capacitors .002uF 5% 630volts MKP1839447254 Film Capacitors .47uF 250volts 5%
    BFC247066103 Film Capacitors 10nF 5% 400volts BFC247962513 Film Capacitors .051uF 5% 630volts
    BFC238052752 Film Capacitors .0075uF 5% 400volts BFC236825105 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 10% 100volts
    BFC241643903 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 10% 100volts BFC241643903 Film Capacitors .039uF 2% 63volts
    BFC241645103 Film Capacitors .051uF 2% 63volts BFC241644703 Film Capacitors .047uF 2% 63volts
    BFC241648203 Film Capacitors .082uF 2% 63volts BFC237011155 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 10% 50volts
    BFC241641204 Film Capacitors .12uF 2% 63volts BFC241641504 Film Capacitors .15uF 2% 63volts
    MKP18423104000 Film Capacitors .01uF 400volt BFC241642704 Film Capacitors .27uF 2% 63volts
    KP1830315061 Film Capacitors 0.015uF 63V 1% BFC238330473 Film Capacitors .047uF 5% 1000volts
    BFC230351474 Film Capacitors .47uF 10% 400volts MKT1822547014 Film Capacitors 4.7UF 100V 5%
    BFC238320244 Film Capacitors .24uF 5% 630volts BFC237522103 Film Capacitors 10000pF 5%1000volts
    BFC236825475 Film Capacitors 4.7uF 100volts 10% BFC241612204 Film Capacitors .22uF 2% 63volts
    BFC238370103 Film Capacitors .01uF 5% 2500volts MKP1839439134HQ Film capacitors .39uF 1600V 5% high quality cap
    MKP1839510401 Film Capacitors 1.0uF 400V 1% BFC237390092 Film Capacitors 1.5uF 10% 250volts
    BFC247936474 Film Capacitors .47uF 5% 160volts MKP1839547254 Film Capacitors 4.7uF 250volts 5%

    We ETSE also buy overstock, surplus, excess, discontinued products and obsolete electronics inventory. We are interested in all kinds of ICs, Capacitors and any other electronics components you may have for a discount warehouse.


    MKP1847H61035JP5 KP1830222011 Vishay Thin Film Capacitor 0

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