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MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor

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MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor

MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor
MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor

Large Image :  MKP1W031007C00KSSD WIMA Film Capacitor

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Gemany
Brand Name: WIMA
Certification: CE RoHS
Model Number: Film Capacitor

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Packaging Details: Original packaging
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detailed Product Description
Model: WIMA Film Capacitor Brand: WIMA
Packaging: Original Package MOQ: 1 Reel
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WIMA film Capacitor

WIMA as leading specialist in film capacitors supplies all professional sectors of electronics worldwide with high-quality products. Film capacitors – Made in Germany As privately owned company since 1948 we are producing exclusively in Germany. WIMA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of film and snubber capacitors for the commercial and industrial markets. Since 1948, WIMA has pioneered the development of smaller, more reliable leaded and paper capacitors, such as film suppression, polyester film, polypropylene, SMD Film, and specialty dielectric capacitors

We ETSE offer all kinds of WIMA Capacitor, such as Film Capacitors, Safety Capacitors and so on.

WIMA Capacitors

Model No. Description Model No. Description
MKP1W031007C00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.1uF 10% 3000 VDC 13x24x41.5mm DCP4I061009HD4KSSD Film Capacitors 100uF 600V PCM 52.5 45x55x57
SNMPW041008JD4KSSD Film Capacitors 1uF 10% 3000V FKP2C021501I00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.015UF 5% 63V PCM 5
SMDTC02100KA00MP00 Film Capacitors 0.01uF 20% 63V DCP4R245006JD2KSSD Film Capacitors 5.0UF 10% 1300V PCM 27.5
SMDIC03100KA00MP00 Film Capacitors 0.1uF 20% 63V MKS4B054706F00KSSD Film Capacitors 47uF 10% 50V 15x26x31.5
DCP4G056007GD4KSSD Film Capacitors 60uF 10% 400V 20x39.5x41.5 DCP4G064009JD4KSSD Film Capacitors 400uF 10% 400V 45x65x57 2.5
FKP2C011001D00HSSD Film Capacitors 1000pF 2.5% 63V 4.5x6x7.2 FKP3J001502B00MSSD Film Capacitors 150pF 20% 630V 3x8.5x10
MKS4O111003C00KSSD Film Capacitors 1000pF 10% 1000V 4x9x13 FKP3G003302B00MSSD Film Capacitors 330pF 20% 400V 3x8.5x10
FKP2O100471D00JF00 Film Capacitors 47pF 5% 1000V 4.5x6x7.2 FKP2J014701I00JSSD Film Capacitors 4700pF 5% 630V 6.5x8x7.2
FKP2O100331D00JN00 Film Capacitors 33pF 5% 1000V 4.5x6x7.2 FKP2D021001I00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.01uF 10% 100V 6.5x8x7.2
MKS4D031502B00KF00 Film Capacitors 0.15uF 10% 100V 3x8.5x10 FKP2F001001D00JF00 Film Capacitors 100pF 5% 250V 4.5x6x7.2
MKS2C023301A00JI00 Film Capacitors 0.033uF 5% 63V 2.5x6.5x7.2 MKP2G021001C00JI00 Film Capacitors 0.01uF 5% 400V 3.5x8.5x7.2
MKP1J016802C00KI00 Film Capacitors 6800pF 10% 630V 4x9x10 MKP1G022203C00KSC9 Film Capacitors 0.022uF 10% 400V 4x9x13
FKS2D012201A00JI00 Film Capacitors 2200pF 5% 100V 2.5x6.5x7.2 FKP2L011501G00HF00 Film Capacitors 1500pF 2.5% 800V 5.5x7x7.2
FKS2C014701A00JSSD Film Capacitors 4700pF 5% 63V 2.5x6.5x7.2 FKP2O100681D00JF00 Film Capacitors 68pF 5% 1000V 4.5x6x7.2
Film Capacitors 4700pF 2.5% 630V 6.5x8x7.2
MKS2F032201H00KI00 Film Capacitors 0.22uF 10% 250V 5.5x11.5x7.2
MKP1G024704B00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.047uF 5% 400V 5x11x18 MKS4D033302C00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.33uF 5% 100V 4x9x10
MKP2C031501H00JO00 Film Capacitors 0.15uF 5% 63V 5.5x11.5x7.2 MKP1O123304D00KSP1 Film Capacitors .033uF 10% 1000V Polypropylene
MKS4D036803C00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.68uF 5% 100V 4x9x13 FKP1G021504C00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.015uF 10% 400V 6x12.5x18
FKP1Y011005A00JSSD Film Capacitors 1000pF 5% 6000V 5x14x26.5 FKP1Y006805A00JSSD Film Capacitors 680pF 5% 6000V 5x14x26.5
MKS4F041004F00MSSD Film Capacitors 1uF 20% 250V 8x15x18 MKP1W021005B00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.01uF 5% 3000V 6x15x26.5
MKP1G033305F00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.33uF 5% 400V 8.5x18.5x26.5 MKP1D034705D00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.47uF 5% 100V 7x16.5x26.5
FKP1T016805F00JSSD Film Capacitors 6800pF 5% 1600V 8.5x18.5x26.5 FKP1O123305H00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.033uF 10% 1000V 10.5x20.5x26.5
SMDTO12470YA00MT00 Film Capacitors 0.047uF 20% 1000V 15.3x13.7x7 MKP1O131006B00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.1uF 5% 1000V 11x21x31.5
FKP1Y014706B00KD00 Film Capacitors 4700pF 10% 6000V 11x21x31.5 MKP1J033306B00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.33uF 10% 630V 11x21x31.5
MKP1J036807C00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.68uF 10% 630V 13x24x41.5 MKP4J043307F00MSSD Film Capacitors 3.3uF 20% 630V 19x32x41.5
FKP1Y024707H00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.047uF 5% 6000V 24x45.5x41.5 SNMPO141007GB8MS00 Film Capacitors 1uF 20% 1000V 20x39.5x41.5
SNMPW041008J4AKS00 Film Capacitors 1uF 3000V 10% SNMPO145008L3AJS00 Film Capacitors 5uF 5% 1000V 37x54x56
MKS2D031001A00MSSD Film Capacitors 0.1uF 20% 100V 2.5x6.5x7.2 MKP1F034704J00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.47uF 5% 250V 9x16x18
Film Capacitors 0.1uF 5% 2000V 13x24x31.5
FKP2G001001D00JSSD Film Capacitors 100pF 5% 400V 4.5x6x7.2
MKS4F031003C00MSSD Film Capacitors 0.1uF 20% 250V 4x9x13 MKP4G031003G00KSSD Film Capacitors 0.1uF 10% 400V 6x12x13
SMDTG03470YA00KT00 Film Capacitors 0.47uF 10% 400V 15.3x13.7x7 MKP1F041006B00KSSD Film Capacitors 1uF 10% 250V 11x21x31.5
MKP1G036805I00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.68uF 5% 400V 11x21x26.5 FKP1G031506B00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.15uF 5% 400V 11x21x31.5
FKP1Y016806D00JSSD Film Capacitors 6800pF 5% 6000V 13x24x31.5 MKPF1W51507H00KSSD Film Capacitors 15uF 10% 275V 24x45.5x41.5
MKP2-.068/100/5 Film Capacitors .068uF 100 Volts 1% MKS0C021000B00KSSD Film Capacitors 63V .01uF 10%
MKS2B041001C00KSSD Film Capacitors 1uF 50 Volts 10% MKS2B041001C00JSSD Film Capacitors 1.0 uF 50 VDC 5%
MKS0C021000B00JSSD Film Capacitors 63V .01uF 5% MKS0C024700B00JSSD Film Capacitors .047uF 63 Volts 5% Tol.
MKS4D041003F00JSSD Film Capacitors 100V 1uF 5% LS 10mm MKP1G031504F00JSSD Film Capacitors 0.15uF 400 Volts 5%
MKS02-1/50/10 Film Capacitors 1uF 50 Volts 10% SMDTF03470VA00MR00 film capacitor 250v .47uF 20% max reflow 230℃
MKS2B043301H00JSSD Film Capacitors 3.3uF 50 Volts 5% MKS2B044701K00KSSD Film Capacitors 4.7uF 50V 10%
SMDTC04100TA00JS00 Film Capacitors 1uF 63 Volts 5% MKS2B046801M00KSSD Film Capacitors 6.8uF 50 Volts 10%
MKS4B046802G00MSSD Film Capacitors 50V 6.8uF 20% MKS2-0.22/63/10 Film Capacitors 63V .22uF 10% TOL PCM 5
MKP4F044706F00JSSD FKP1Y022207E00JYSD FKP1Y022207E00JYSD Film Capacitors 6000V .022uF 5%
MKP1T041007H00KSSD Film Capacitors 1uF 1600 Volts 10% DCP4I051006GD2KYSD Film Capacitors 10uF 600V 10% 2 LD 17x29x31.5 PCM27.5

We ETSE also buy overstock, surplus, excess, discontinued products and obsolete electronics inventory. We are interested in all kinds of ICs, Capacitors and any other electronics components you may have for a discount warehouse.


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