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NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic

NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic

    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
    • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic
  • NXP PCA9846PWJ NCX8200UKZ PTN3356R1BSMP Microcontroller Ic

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    Place of Origin: Netherlands, China, United States
    Brand Name: NXP
    Certification: CE RoHS
    Model Number: MCU

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
    Packaging Details: Original packaging
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    Product Name: Microcontroller Unite MCU Chip Brand: NXP
    Package: Original Package MOQ: 100pcs
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    NXP Microcontroller Unite MCU chip

    NXP Microcontroller Unite MCU chip Integrated Circuit ICs Electronics Components
    NXP Semiconductors N.V. is an American-Dutch semiconductor manufacturer with dual headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands (Global headquarters) and Austin, Texas (corporate headquarters). The company was founded in 1953 as part of the electrical and electronics firm Philips, with manufacturing and development in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Known then as Philips Semiconductors, the company was sold to a consortium of private equity investors in 2006, at which point the company's name was changed to NXP.
    NXP Semiconductors provides mixed signal and standard products based on its security, identification, automotive, networking, radio frequency, analog signal, and power management expertise. With an emphasis on security of the connected vehicle and the Internet of things, the company's products are used in automotive, identification, wired and wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, consumer, mobile and computing applications.
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    NXP ICs
    Model No.DescriptionModel No.Description
    NX5DV330DS,118Video switch ICs analog MUX quad 1:2 5.5V 16Pin 3.9mmNX5DV715HF,118 Video Switch ICs DUAL SPDT 5.5V
    PTN3460IBS/F1MPLVDS Interface IC eDP to LVDS BridgeSA630D/01,118RF Switch ICs SPDT SWITCH-40 TO+85
    NCX8200UKZSwitch ICs - Various Audio jack config switch matrixPCA9543APW,118Switch ICs - Various I2C SWITCH 2CH
    PCA9846PWJSwitch ICs - Various 4-channel ultra-low voltage, Fm+ I2C-bus switch with resetMCZ33999EKR2Switch ICs - Various 16 LOW SIDE PWM&SPI
    PCA9847PWJ Switch ICs - Various 8-channel ultra-low voltage, Fm+ I2C-bus multiplexer with resetNX3DV221TKXUSB Switch ICs High-speed USB 2 switch with enable
    NX3DV221GM,115USB Switch ICs ANLG SWT DPST 3.3VNX3DV42GU,115 USB Switch ICs Dual Port USB 2.0 Switch
    TJA1101AHN/0ZEthernet ICs 2nd generation Ethernet PHY Transceivers - IEEE 100BASE-T1 compliantSJA1105ELYEthernet ICs Five- Ports AVB Automotive Ethernet Switch
    UJA1061TW/5V0/C/TTelecom Interface ICs FT CAN/LIN fail-safe system basis chipM86298G12Telecom Interface ICs 16 VOIP channels 2.0 3.0
    TDA5051AT/C1,518Telecom Interface ICs HOME AUTOMATION MODMM86201G12Telecom Interface ICs 8 VOIP channels 2.0 3.0
    TDA18275HN/C1YVideo ICs Hybrid silicon tuner (analog and digital)MWCT1011VLHWireless Charging ICs 15W Multi-coil Cons QFP
    PTN3356R1BSMPVideo ICs ROM-based low-power DisplayPort to VGA adapterMWCT1012VLFWireless Charging ICs 32bit,64k Flash,2kB Flex
    PTN3355BSMPVideo ICs LowPower DisplayPort to VGA adapterMWCT1003AVLHWireless Charging ICs 5V, 5W, Multi-Coil Auto
    TDA19988BET/C1,151Video ICs 1.8V I2S TFBGA64MWCT1000CFMWireless Charging ICs 5W, Single-Coil, 5V, Standard, QFN 32
    TDA19988BHN/C1,557Video ICs 1.8V I2S HVQFN64NXQ1TXP5/101JWireless Charging ICs Qi transmitter
    PTN3355BS/F3MPVideo ICs Low power DisplayPort to VGA adapter with integrated 1 : 2 VGA switchMWCT1013AVLHWireless Charging ICs 15W, Multi-Coil Auto, Premium, LQFP 64
    PTN3392BS/F2,518Video ICs 180mA 600mW 20MHzPCA9546APW,118Multiplexer Switch ICs I2C SWITCH 4CH
    TDA19971BHN/C1,557Video ICs SINGLE HDMI 1.4b RXPCA9545APW,118Multiplexer Switch ICs I2C SWITCH 4CH
    CBTU02043HEJMultiplexer Switch ICs USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C switchPTN3355BS/F2MP Video ICs Low pwr DisplayPor to VGA adapter
    CBTL04083BBS,518Multiplexer Switch ICs 3.3V WD BW 4 DIFF CH 2:1 MULTI/DEMUX SWCBTV24DD12ETYMultiplexer Switch ICs 12-bit bus switch multiplexer
    CBTL06DP213EE,118Multiplexer Switch ICs DISPLAYPORT MULTIPLEXERNX20P0477UKZUSB Interface IC CC Protect with corrosion-free
    PTN5110NHQZUSB Interface IC USB Type-C Rev 3.0 PD PHY, Laptop/tablet applicationsPTN5110HQZUSB Interface IC USB Type-C Rev 3.0 PD PHY, Laptop/tablet applications
    NX20P0407UKAZUSB Interface IC USB Type-C CC1/2, SBU1/2 Prot ICPTN36502HQXUSB Interface IC 5Gb USB/DP Combo Redriver
    PTN36221AHXHPUSB Interface IC Single-channel Super Speed USB3.0 ReDrivrPTN36241BBS,118USB interface IC USB3.0 super speed Re-driver
    PTN36502AHQXUSB Interface IC Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 1 and DisplayPort v1.2 combo redriver, I<sup>2</sup>C variantPTN36242LBS,518USB Interface IC Dual port SuperSpeed USB 3 redriver
    SE050C1HQ1/Z01SCZSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs ECC, RSA, AES, 3DES, MIFARE KDF, CL-IF, I<sup>2</sup>C MasterA1006TL/TA1NXZSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs Secure Authenticator
    A7102CHTK2/T0BC2AJSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs A71CH Plug & Trust extended tempA1006UK/TA1NXZSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs Secure Authenticator
    A7101CHTK2/T0BC2BJSecurity ICs/ authentication ICs, standard temp(-25 ~ +85 C), BJ: Ready for IBM Watson IoT, VJ: Customer ProgrammableNX3L4051PW,118Analog Switch ICs ANLG SWT SPST 3.3V
    SE050B2HQ1/Z01SFZSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs RSA, AES, 3DESNX3L4051HR,115Analog Switch ICs 1SW 4.3V 15MHz
    A7005CGHN1/T1AGBELSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs Secure authentication microcontrollerNX3L2G384GT,115Analog Switch ICs 2SW SPST 4.3V 60MHz

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