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SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic

SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic

    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
    • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic
  • SKY5A1007 SKYA21024 SKY13626-685LF Analog And Digital Ic

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: United States
    Brand Name: Skyworks Solutions
    Certification: CE RoHS
    Model Number: Analog IC

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
    Packaging Details: Original packaging
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Analog IC Chip Brand: Skyworks Solutions
    Packaging: Original Package MOQ: 100pcs
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    Skywork Solutions Analog IC chip

    Skyworks Solutions Analog ICs Electronics Compoments Integrated Circuit Chips

    Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an American semiconductor company headquartered in Irvine, California, United States. Skyworks manufactures semiconductors for use in radio frequency and mobile communications systems.


    Skyworks Solutions, Inc. engages in the design, development, and manufacture of proprietary semiconductor products. Its product portfolio includes amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, demodulators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, front-end modules, hybrids, isolators, lighting and display solutions, mixers, modulators, optocouplers, optoisolators, phase shifters, synthesizers, power dividers and combiners, receivers, switches, and technical ceramics.


    We ETSE offer all kinds of Skyworks Solutions' RF Switch ICs, Skyworks Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution chips and so on.


    Skyworks ICs
    Model No. Description Model No. Description
    SKY5A1007 RF Switch ICs 0.4 to 5.9 GHz DPDT Low Insertion Loss / High-Isolation Switch SKYA21039 RF Switch ICs WIFI SP3T,Automotive version of SKY13586
    SKY12247-492LF RF Switch ICs SPDT Switch with Integrated Driver SKY13586-678LF RF Switch ICs SP3T with 1.8V logic
    SKY13585-679LF RF Switch ICs SPDT SOI WIFI SWITCH SKY12242-492LF RF Switch ICs 1.8-3GHz 100W
    SKY13626-685LF RF Switch ICs SP4T LTE SKY13636-695LF RF Switch ICs SP6T MIPI Diversity Switch
    SKY13638-700LF RF Switch ICs MIPI SP10T LTE Tx/Rx SKY13290-313LF RF Switch ICs .02-2.5GHz SPDT 10W IL .4db Iso 26dB
    SKYA21024 RF Switch ICs Single Control SP2T Switch SKY13411-374LF RF switch IC .1-6.0GHz DPDT GaAs IL .6db Iso 23.5db
    SKY13374-397LF RF Switch ICs 300KHz-6.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .35dB SKY13354-368LF RF Switch ICs .1-3.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .9dB Max
    SKY13314-374LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .45dB @2.5GHz SKY13323-378LF RF Switch ICs .1-3.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .35dB @ 3GHz
    SKY13380-350LF RF Switch ICs 20MHz-3.0GHz SP4T IL .45dB @ 2.0GHz SKY13298-360LF RF Switch ICs 3-8GHz SP2T GaAs IL 1dB max
    SKY13526-485LF RF Switch ICs .4-2.7GHz SP6T IL .85dB @2.68GHz SKYA21013 RF Switch ICs .1-6GHz SPDT CMOS IL .35dB Iso 24dB
    SKY13377-313LF RF Switch ICs .05-6.0GHz SPDT 10W IL .7dB Iso 31dB SKYA21026 RF Switch ICs 0.7 to 3.0 GHz DPDT Switch
    SKY13320-374LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .5dB @ 2.4GHz SKY13408-465LF RF Switch ICs 1-6GHz SP3T Typ. IIP3 54dBm
    SKY13592-689LF RF Switch ICs 1-6GHz SPDT IL .45dB Hi Iso 35dB AS195-306LF RF Switch ICs .1-2GHz IL 1dB Iso 23dB
    SKY12207-478LF RF Switch ICs .9-4.0GHz SPDT 50W IL .4dB typ SKY13351-378LF RF Switch ICs 20MHz-6.0GHz SPDT IL .35dB @ 2.45GHz
    SKY13348-374LF RF Switch ICs .5-6.0GHz SPDT IL .6dB @ 2.5GHz AS179-92LF RF Switch ICs 802.11b/g IL .3dB IP3=+43dBm typ.
    AS169-73LF RF switch IC .3-2500MHz IL+.3dB IP3 52dBm typ. SKY13317-373LF RF Switch ICs 20MHz-6GHz SP3T GaAs IL .5dB @2.5GHz
    SKY13270-92LF RF switch IC .02-2.5GHz SPDT IL .4dB typ@1GHz SKYA21001 RF Switch ICs .02-3.0GHz SPDT Iso 25dB AEC-Q100
    SKY13453-385LF RF Switch ICs .4-3.0GHz SP2T IL .4dB @ 2.GHz SKYA21003 RF switch ICs SPDT 1- 6 GHz SOI in a 2x2QFN switch
    AS213-92LF RF Switch ICs .1-3GHz IL .4dB Iso 22 dB @ 2.4GHz SKY13322-375LF RF Switch ICs 20MHz-6GHz SP4T GaAs IL .45dB @ 1GHz
    SKY13330-397LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz SP2T IL .6dB @ 6GHz SKY13414-485LF RF Switch ICs 100-3000MHz SP4T IL .45dB Iso >31dB
    SKY13373-460LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz SP3T IL .45dB @ 2.5GHz SKY13575-639LF RF Switch ICs Dual Band SP4T 3G/4G/LTE WLAN
    SKY13372-467LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz IP1dB 26dBm SKY13418-485LF RF Switch ICs 100-3000MHz SP8T IL .45dB Iso >31dB
    SKY13286-359LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz SPDT IL 1.8dB Max SKY13355-374LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz DPDT IL .6dB @ 2.5GHz
    SKY13588-460LF RF Switch ICs .1-6GHz SP3T IL .45dB -40C +105C SKY13416-485LF RF Switch ICs 100-3000MHz SP6T IL .45dB Iso >31dB
    SKY13431-374LF RF Switch ICs .5-6.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL.5dB Iso 25dB SKY13299-321LF RF Switch ICs .02-5.0GHZ SPDT 7W IL .5db typ @ 3.5GHz
    SKY12212-478LF RF Switch ICs .05-2.7GHz 100W IL .4dB typ. AS193-73LF RF Switch ICs .1-2.5GHz IL .35dB Iso 24dB
    SKY13335-381LF RF Switch ICs .1-6.0GHz SPDT IL .4dB @2.5GHz AS214-92LF RF Switch ICs 100-3000MHz IL .4dB Iso 26dB @ 2.4GHz
    SKY13587-378LF RF Switch ICs .002-6GHz SPDT IL .35dB Iso 24dB SKY13278-313LF RF Switch ICs .1-2.5GHz SPDT GaAs Iso 26dB @ 900MHz
    SKY12210-478LF RF Switch ICs .9-4.0GHz SPDT 100W IL .4dB typ SKY13522-644LF RF Switch ICs .7-3GHz SP2T Iso 47dB@2.2GHz
    SKY12208-478LF RF Switch ICs .02-2.7GHZ SPST 50W IL .3dB typ SKY13347-360LF RF Switch ICs .5-3.0GHz SPST IL .7dB @2.0GHz
    AS222-92LF RF Switch ICs .1-3.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .5dB Max SKY13415-485LF RF Switch ICs 100-3000MHz SP5T IL .45dB Iso >31dB
    AS183-92LF RF Switch ICs .3-2500MHz IL .3dB IP3 +43dBm SKY12211-478LF RF Switch ICs .05-2.7GHz 40W SPDT -55C +175C
    SKY13438-374LF RF Switch ICs .5-6.0GHz DPDT GaAs IL .65dB Iso 27dB SKY13396-397LF RF Switch ICs .7-3.0GHz DPDT SOI IL .5dB Iso 25dB
    SKY13251-349LF RF Switch ICs LF-3.0GHz 802.11,g IL .7dB max SP3T SKY13547-490LF RF Switch ICs 5-1800MHz SPDT IL .3dB @ 1.0GHz
    SKY13321-360LF RF Switch ICs .1-3.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .4dB SKY65364-21 RF Switch ICs Smart Energy SIP
    SKY13343-92LF RF Switch ICs SPDT SWITCH (AS179-92LFT) SKY13417-485LF RF Switch ICs 100-3000MHz SP7T IL .45dB Iso >31dB
    SKY13366-378LF RF Switch ICs 2.0-6.0GHz SPDT GaAS IL .35dB @ 2.45GHz SKY13421-486LF RF Switch ICs .1-3.0GHz DPxDT GaAs IL .3dB Iso 28dB
    SKY85601-11 RF Switch ICs 4.9-5.9GHz SPDT NF 2.5dB Gain 12dB SKYA21002 RF Switch ICs AUTOMOTIVE VERSION OF SKY13309
    SKY13473-569LF RF Switch ICs .4-2.7GHz SP10T IL .95dB @2.7GHz SKY12209-478LF RF Switch ICs .9-4.0GHz SPDT 40W IL .3dB typ
    SKYA21012 RF Switch ICs .02-6GHz GaAs SPDT IL .35dB Iso 24dB SKY13489-001 RF Switch ICs .7-2.7GHz SPDT IL .3dB Iso 22dB
    SKY13319-374LF RF Switch ICs .1-3.0GHz SPDT GaAs IL .4dB SKY13446-374LF RF Switch ICs .1-6GHz SPDT GaAs
    SKY13698-694LF RF Switch ICs Lower Insertion Loss Antenna Swap DPDT SKY12213-478LF RF Switch ICs .5-6GHz 150W SPDT Iso 23dB -55C +175C
    SKY13399-468LF RF Switch ICs .7-2.7GHz DPX3T IL .4db at 2.2GHz SKY19245-686LF RF Switch ICs SP4T 45V Packaged tunning Switch
    AS215-92LF RF Switch ICs .5-3GHz IL 1dB max. Iso 28dB @1GHz SKY12241-492LF RF Switch ICs Integrated 50W Pin Diode SPDT Switch
    SKY13322-375LF-EVB RF Switch ICs 20MHz-6.0GHz SP4T GaAs EVAL Brd SKY13552-669LF RF Switch ICs SP6T+SP6T Diversity Carrier Aggregation
    SKY13491-21 RF Switch ICs .7-2.7GHz SP14T MIPI -30C +90C SKY13560-485LF RF Switch ICs 2x2 SP4T MIPI Diversity Switch
    SKY85601-21 RF Switch ICs 5GHz LNA-SW FEM in 2.5x2.5x0.9mm QFN SKY13492-21 RF Switch ICs .7-2.7GHz SP16T 24Pin -30C +90C
    SKY13404-466LF RF Switch ICs .4-2.7GHz SP10T GPIO interface SKY13405-490LF RF Switch ICs .01-3GHz SP2T UHL Switch
    SKY12245-492EK3 RF Switch ICs 3.4 to 3.8 GHz SKY13488-21 RF Switch ICs SP12T ASM MIPI
    SKY13550-667LF RF Switch ICs SP4T+SP4T Diversity Carrier Aggregation SKY13637-695LF RF Switch ICs SP8T MIPI DIVERSITY SWITCH
    SKY18106-455LF RF Switch ICs .4-2.2GHz SP8T Quad Band SKY13441-11 RF Switch ICs SP10T ASM with GPIO Interface
    AAT4712IRN-T1 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution 2.5-5.5Volt MOSFET Power Switch AAT4685IWP-1-T1 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution Over-Voltage Protection Switch
    AAT4710IRN-T1 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution P-Channel MOSFET Power Switch AAT4621IWO-1-T1 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution Current limiter for Super Cap charging
    SKY87000-13-001 Switching Voltage Regulators RF PA BUCK AAT2215IWP-T1 Switching Voltage Regulators 3.0-5.5Vout .6-4Amp 600KHz Step-Up
    AAT2612IDG-5-T1 Switching Voltage Regulators DC/DC Convtr w/QuadHighPSRR LDO AAT2856INJ-EE-T1 Switching Voltage Regulators 1X/1.5X/2X H Current Chrg Pump w/dual LDO
    AAT2614IDG-2-T1 Switching Voltage Regulators Step-Down DC Convrt W/Quad Hi PSRR LDO SKY87020-13-001 Switching Voltage Regulators High Efficiency RF Front-End PMIC for Hi
    SKY87020-12-001 Switching Voltage Regulators CELLUAR HV APT RF PMIC SKY87609-11-578LF Switching Voltage Regulators HV Current Mode Step down converter
    SKY66313-11 RF Amplifier 3.4~3.6 GHz 4W efficiency driver Amp SKY67183-396LF RF Amplifier
    SKY66318-11 RF Amplifier 3.4 to 3.6 GHz 4W Efficiency Driver Amp SKY66294-11 RF Amplifier 2-2.3GHz 4W Small Cell PAE 37.3%
    SKY65623-682LF RF Amplifier FEM/LNA for GNSS 1559-1606MHz SKY65803-696LF RF Amplifier 717-960MHz NF .9dB SSG 14dB 1.5-3.3V
    SKY66189-11 RF Amplifier 1930-1995MHz Gain 40dB SKY66293-21 RF Amplifier 3.4-3.8GHz 4W Small Cell PAE 29%
    SKY66292-11 RF Amplifier 2.3-2.4GHz 4W Small Cell PAE 36.5% SKY66288-11 RF Amplifier 5.15-5.925GHz 4W PAE 25% Gain 28dB
    SKY85408-11 RF Amplifier 5GHz 22dBm 1024QAM 11ac PA SKY66298-11 RF Amplifier 925-960MHz High Effi SmallCellPA
    SKY66291-11 RF Amplifier 1805-1880MHz 4W Small Cell PAE 36.5% SKY66185-11 RF Amplifier 851-894MHz Gn 36.5dB OP1dB 30.8dBm
    SKY66181-11 RF Amplifier 1805-1880MHz Gain 38dB SKY66188-11 RF Amplifier 758-803MHz Gain 37dB
    SKY65806-636LF RF Amplifier 3.4-3.8GHz NF 1.2dB SSG 13.5dB 1.6-3.3V SKY66295-11 RF Amplifier 800-900MHz 4W Small Cell PAE 42%
    SKY66289-11 RF Amplifier 791-821MHz High Efficiency Small CellPA SKY65805-696LF RF Amplifier 2.3-2.69GHz NF 1.1dB SSG 13dB 1.5-3.3V
    SKY65804-696LF RF Amplifier 1805-2170MHz SSG 14.5dB NF 1.1dB SE5004L-R RF Amplifier 5GHz 26dBm Gain 32dB
    SKY67153-396LF RF Amplifier 700-3800MHz NF .25dB @ 849MHz SKY65605-21 RF Amplifier BDS/GPS/GNSS Gain 19dB Typ.
    SKY65611-11 RF Amplifier GPS/GLONASS/Galileo NF .6dB Gain 17.2dB SKY65405-21 RF Amplifier 2.4GHz Gain 15dB 802.11b/g/n NF 1.1dB
    SE2568U-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz P1dB 25dBm 3.3/5.0V 802.11b/g SE2565T-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz P1dB 30dBm -40C +85C
    SE2576L-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz P1dB 32dBm 5.0Volt 802.11bgn SE5005L-R RF Amplifier 5GHz 18dBm Gain 30 dB typ.
    SE2604L-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz 802.11bgn 3.3Volt -40C +85C SKYA21017 RF Amplifier .7 to 3.8 GHz Ultra LNA
    SKY65013-70LF RF Amplifier .1-1.7GHz InGaP HBT Sm Sig Gain 12.5dB SE2433T-R RF Amplifier .1-1.7GHz InGaP HBT Sm Sig Gain 12.5dB
    SE2433T-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz Pout 24dBm Gain 24dB max SKY65016-70LF RF Amplifier .1-3.0GHz InGaP HBT Sm Sig Gain 20dB
    SKY65015-70LF RF Amplifier .1-6.0GHz InGaP HBT Sm Sig Gain 18dB SKY66005-11 RF Amplifier 850-920MHz Gain 29dB Pout 29dBm
    SKY65006-348LF RF Amplifier 2.4-2.5GHz GaAs HBT 3.3Volt NF 7dB max SE5003L-R RF Amplifier 5GHz Gain 32dB -40C +85C
    SKY67101-396LF RF Amplifier .4-1.2GHz NF .57dB Gain 17.6dB @ .9GHz SKY67100-396LF RF Amplifier 1.2-3.0GHz NF .71dB Gain 17.6dB @1.95GHz
    SE5003L1-R RF Amplifier 5GHz 802.11ac Gain 32dB P1dB 32dBm SE5023L-R RF Amplifier 5.15-5.85GHz Gain 32dB P1dB 34dBm
    SKY67150-396LF RF Amplifier 300-2200MHz NF .23dB @ 849MHz SKY67106-306LF RF Amplifier 1.5-3.0GHz NF .65dB Gain 35dB @ 1950MHz
    SKY65111-348LF RF Amplifier 600-1100MHz 2W InGaP HBT 3 stage SKY65162-70LF RF Amplifier 400-2700MHz NF 3.6dB Gain 24dB
    SKY67159-396LF RF Amplifier 200-3800MHz NF 1dB Gain 17.1dB 3.3V SKY67151-396LF RF Amplifier 700-3800MHz NF .6dB OP1dB 20dBm @2.5GHz
    SKY65404-31 RF Amplifier 4.9-5.9GHz Gain 16dB 802.11a/n/ac NF1.5dB SE2623L-R RF Amplifier 802.11gn High Power PA in 3x3 QFN
    SKY65094-360LF RF Amplifier 698-915MHz NF 3.2dB Gain 17dB IIP3 29dBm SKY85405-11 RF Amplifier 21dBm 5GHz 802.11ac PA
    SKY65900-11 RF Amplifier 2.4-2.5GHz Gain 34dB Pout 28dBm @5V SKY66013-11 RF Amplifier 700-800MHz Gain 27.5dB
    SKY65095-360LF RF Amplifier 1.6-2.1GHz NF 4.5dB Gain 14.5dB SKY85402-11 RF Amplifier 5.15-5.85GHz Gain 32dB Pin 12 dBm
    SKY65971-11 RF Amplifier 2.0GHz NF 1.5dB max. Gain 13dB IIP3 7dBm SE2598L-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz P1dB 26.5dBm 3.3Volt 802.11 bgn
    SE2574L-R RF Amplifier 2.4GHz P1dB 25dBm 3.3/5.0V 802.11b/g SKY66008-11 RF Amplifier 900-990MHz Gain 28.5dB
    SKY67023-396LF RF Amplifier 2.0-3.0GHz NF .89dB Gain 17.3dB SKY66397-12 RF Amplifier 2496-2690 MHz High Efficiency PA
    SKY65017-70LF RF Amplifier .1-6.0GHz InGaP HBT Sm Sig Gain 20dB SKY65014-70LF RF Amplifier .1-6.0GHz InGaP HBT Sm Sig Gain 16dB
    SKY65981-11 RF Amplifier 4.9-5.9GHz NF 1.5dB Gain 13dB IIP3 7dBm SKY67021-396LF RF Amplifier .6-1.2GHz NF .6dB Gain 17.5dB @ .9GHz
    SKY66002-11 RF Amplifier 1.9-2.025GHz Gain 29dB Pout 19dBm SKY67022-396LF RF Amplifier 1.6-2.2GHz NF .65dB Gain 17.3dB
    SKY65452-92LF RF Amplifier 1000Mhz CATV LNA SKY66299-11 RF Amplifier 1.9-2GHz 4W Small Cell PAE 35%

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