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Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor

Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor

    • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor
    • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor
    • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor
    • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor
    • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor
    • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor
  • Soshin DM12E300G-5 UC122A0120JT UC232A1501J Mica Capacitor

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Japan
    Brand Name: Soshin
    Certification: CE RoHS
    Model Number: Mica Capacitor

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
    Packaging Details: Original packaging
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Soshin Mica Capacitor Brand: Soshin
    Packaging: Original Package MOQ: 1 Reel
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    Soshin Mica Capacitor

    Soshin Electric Co., LTD. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of products for industrial machinery and communications device markets. The Company operates in three business segments. The Industrial Machinery Market segment provides noise filters, mica capacitors, inductance-capacitance (LC) filters, plastic film capacitors and thick film printing circuit boards. The Communications Device Market segment manufactures and sells multilayered ceramic products, such as multilayered dielectric filters, couplers and baluns, as well as mica capacitors, LC filters, ferrite filters, thick film printing circuit boards and others. 
    We ETSE offer all kinds of Soshin Capacitor, such as Mica Capacitors, Film Capacitors and so on.

    Soshin Capacitors

    Model No.DescriptionModel No.Description
    DM12E300G-530pF 500V 2% Dipped Silver Mica CapacitorsUC122A0150JChip Mica Capacitor, 15pF 5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0010CTChip Mica Capacitor, 1pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A00R5CTChip Mica Capacitor, 1.5pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0100CTChip Mica Capacitor, 10pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0100DTChip Mica Capacitor, 10pF +/-0.5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0110CChip Mica Capacitor, 11pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0120CTChip Mica Capacitor, 12pF +/-0.25%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0120JTChip Mica Capacitor, 12pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0150GTChip Mica Capacitor, 15pF +/-2%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0180JTChip Mica Capacitor, 18pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0200CChip Mica Capacitor, 20pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0220GTChip Mica Capacitor, 22pF +/-2%, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0220JTChip Mica Capacitor, 22pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0240JTChip Mica Capacitor, 24pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0270JTChip Mica Capacitor, 27pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A02R2CChip Mica Capacitor, 2.2pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A0300JTChip Mica Capacitor, 30pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0390JTChip Mica Capacitor, 39pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A03R3BTChip Mica Capacitor, 3.3pF +/-0.1, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A03R3CTChip Mica Capacitor, 3.3pF +/-0.25, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A03R3DTChip Mica Capacitor, 3.3pF +/-0.5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC122A0470FTChip Mica Capacitor, 47pF +/-1%, size: 2X1.25X1.6UC122A430JTRChip Mica Capacitor, 43pF +/-5%, size: 2X1.25X1.6
    UC232A0470FTChip Mica Capacitor, 47pF +/-1%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232A0680DChip Mica Capacitor, 68pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232A0750FChip Mica Capacitor, 75pF +/-1%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232A0820DChip Mica Capacitor, 82pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232A0820FTChip Mica Capacitor, 82pF +/-1%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232A1100JTChip Mica Capacitor, 110pF +/-5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232A1200GTChip Mica Capacitor, 150pF +/-2%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232A1501JChip Mica Capacitor, 1500pF +/-5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232A2000GTChip Mica Capacitor, 200pF +/-2%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0010CTChip Mica Capacitor, 1pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H0020CTChip Mica Capacitor, 2pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0070DTChip Mica Capacitor, 7pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H0090DTChip Mica Capacitor, 9pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0100CChip Mica Capacitor, 10pF +/-0.25%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H0100DTChip Mica Capacitor, 10pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0120JTChip Mica Capacitor, 12pF +/-5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H02R5CTChip Mica Capacitor, 2.5pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0300JChip Mica Capacitor, 30pF +/-5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H0300JTChip Mica Capacitor, 30pF +/-5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0330FChip Mica Capacitor, 33pF +/-1%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H03R6CChip Mica Capacitor, 3.6pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H03R6CTChip Mica Capacitor, 3.6pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H03R9CTChip Mica Capacitor, 3.9pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0560JTChip Mica Capacitor, 56pF +/-5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H05R1CTChip Mica Capacitor, 5.1pF +/-0.25, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H07R5DTChip Mica Capacitor, 7.5pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H08R2DTChip Mica Capacitor, 8.2pF +/-0.5%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H0910GChip Mica Capacitor, 91pF +/-2%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC232H0910GTChip Mica Capacitor, 91pF +/-2%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0UC232H1000GTChip Mica Capacitor, 100pF +/-2%, size: 3.2X2.5X2.0
    UC342A2700CTChip Mica Capacitor, 270pF +/-0.25, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0UC342A3300FChip Mica Capacitor, 330pF +/-1%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0
    UC342A4000FTChip Mica Capacitor, 400pF +/-1%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0UC342A7500FTChip Mica Capacitor, 750pF +/-1%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0
    UC342H1000JTChip Mica Capacitor, 100pF +/-5%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0UC342H1500JTChip Mica Capacitor, 150pF +/-5%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0
    UC342H3600JChip Mica Capacitor, 360pF +/-5%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0UC342H4700FTChip Mica Capacitor, 470pF +/-5%, size: 5.7X5.0X4.0

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