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Shenzhen Kaigeng Technology Co., Ltd. 86--13760487889
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We focus on Integrated Circuits ICs, Digital Electronics IC, Capacitor IC, Integrated Circuit Chip products and so on

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China Shenzhen Kaigeng Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kaigeng Technology Co., Ltd.

henzhen Kaigeng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010.It is a professional international brand semiconductor agent distributor, mainly serving small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly engaged in integratedcircuits IC, diodes, transistors, optocouplers and other components, providingcomponents Professional services such as order placement, massive spotinventory, and futures ordering.We have Competitive price, good quality, adequate stock and stable supply.Contact me: Skype:+8613760487889 Wechat:+8613760487889 Whatsapp:+8613760487889 Tel: +8613760487889

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